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PANDORA'S BEAUTY The Amazing Golden Brush (S)
PANDORA'S BEAUTY The Amazing Golden Brush (S)
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Chinese acupuncture uses acupuncture to transmit electric waves to acupoints to change the body's magnetic field, while gold's superior conduction function can generate current through friction, neutralize electrons, and make positively charged hairs easier to dispense, more natural and elegant;

Through the contact of the golden needle with the skin, in addition to promoting blood circulation, strengthening metabolism and activating the hair growth point of the hair follicle, it has an excellent refreshing effect.

The unique conductive function of the 24K gold needle can promote the blood circulation of the scalp during carding, resulting in better health care effects.

◇Full evolution plating double layer 24K gold ◇
With double layer of 24K gold, the special conduction function is better.

◇Warming amber color combing Bing
The comb handle uses a warm, amber color to give it a calm, calm image.

Elegant rose pattern on the back of the handle
The rose is beautiful, mysterious and elegant. Allows you to use the golden comb while exuding glamorous charm.


1. Massage the scalp gently with appropriate force, then slowly increase the strength, and feel the massage on the scalp.
2. Key points: The range around the temple, the ears, and the neck near the hair roots.
3. The neck is close to the hair roots, and it is especially good to massage from bottom to top.

|Maintenance Method|
▲Avoid touching the water
▲Do not place in a place exposed to moisture or direct sunlight.


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