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Pandora's Beauty Box comb cleaning brush

Every day in the comb you use, do you have to do the cleaning?
In fact, the long-term comb will accumulate hair, dust, grease, dirt and styling products. If it is used for a long time without a regular cleaning comb, the comb will breed a lot of bacteria, and when used, these dirt will Transfer to your clean hair, causing scalp allergies or causing dandruff.
Therefore, the cleaning work of the comb can not only keep the hair healthy, but also extend the life of the comb.

◇ Comb Cleaning Knowledge ◇
In fact, it is generally not recommended to use water directly for washing or soaking, especially swine combs, air cushion combs, etc., because during the flushing, the water easily runs to the invisible place and breeds bacteria and even mold, which affects the scalp and Healthy hair.

◇ Double Row Lengthened Outer Bristles Design ◇
The length of the bristles is longer than that of a typical comb, and it can penetrate deep into the bottom of the comb to easily pick up the hair on the comb.

◇ Suitable For Cleaning All Kinds Of Combs ◇

◇ Multilayer Bristles Length Design ◇
With different lengths of bristles, it is smoother when picking up the hair on the hair comb.

◇ Unique Pointed Design ◇
The tail end of the pointed handle can be used to pick up the hair that is difficult to clean.

◇ Ergonomic Handle Design ◇
The groove on both sides of the handle body is ergonomic, making the cleaning comb easier to use.

◇ How to Use the Cleaning Brush ◇
Step 1
Use Pandora's Beauty Box cleaning brush to brush from top to bottom and left and right along the direction of the pre-cleaned hair comb.
Step 2
Remove the combed hair from the cleaning brush
Step 3
Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the comb is clean.
If you have a lot of hair and dirt on the top, it is recommended to use a small scissors to cut the hair along the direction of the comb, so that you can clean it more quickly when using the cleaning brush.


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