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PANDORA'S BEAUTY The Beech Wood Cushion Brush (L)
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Natural wild boar licks the hair scales quickly and restores the shine.
Negative ion round head nylon comb with moisturizing effect while deepening the hair to massage the scalp, shaping the fluffy and light feeling of the hair.

△ natural characteristics of the hair
When combing the hair, the bristles distribute the excess oil on the hair evenly to the ends of the hair, quickly smoothing the scales, locking the moisture, making the hair brighter and more lustrous.
Natural hair is rich in Keratin, which is the key to affecting the toughness and elasticity of hair. When combing hair, hair can bring keratin to the hair at the same time, making the damaged hair faster. Repair.
The bristle cleans the pores of the scalp and the dust on the hair, avoiding hair loss caused by pore blockage and making the scalp healthier.

The eucalyptus has a high density, high hardness, and impact resistance, and is less prone to static electricity and deformation due to environmental influences.
The imported wood from Germany is more detailed than the wood grain texture of ordinary cheap wood, and it is mild and lustrous. It is generally used in high-grade furniture and handicrafts, and can fully express the texture of its products.

|Maintenance Method|
▲Avoid touching the water
▲Do not place in a place exposed to moisture or direct sunlight.
▲When cleaning the comb, use Pandora's Beauty Box comb comb for cleaning, with 75% alcohol for cleaning

▲Non-halal product



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